Stop Trolls From Stealing Your Goals!

So, I made a list of goals, turned my back, and the trolls took them off in a sack! "Write out your goals"  "Do you have a goal?"  I've heard said this forever and a day and I bet you have too!   Some people are simply good at goal setting - … [Read more]

7 Steps for Artists to Focus and Finish

    Think back a few months…  all the way to January.  Did you proclaim a grand statement for this year like, "This is the year to schedule and finish the open projects on my list!"  Or this, "I will finish that painting I put … [Read more]

Creative Wake Up – Put on Your Dancin’ Shoes!

  It's easy to get out of your creative rhythm when you have a lot of life and work responsibilities.  Stops and starts make up a big part of your day, post it notes are everywhere and your art gets pushed into a 'free time' category - which … [Read more]

Creative Wake Up – What’s Your Step Today?

  You know that thing on your to do list that keeps getting shuffled around?  Starting a sketch for a project, putting the first layers on your canvas or clearing that pile of papers on your desk that has sat there for what - 3 months … [Read more]