Creative Wake Up – Put on Your Dancin’ Shoes!

  It's easy to get out of your creative rhythm when you have a lot of life and work responsibilities.  Stops and starts make up a big part of your day, post it notes are everywhere and your art gets pushed into a 'free time' category - which … [Read more]

Creative Wake Up – What’s Your Step Today?

  You know that thing on your to do list that keeps getting shuffled around?  Starting a sketch for a project, putting the first layers on your canvas or clearing that pile of papers on your desk that has sat there for what - 3 months … [Read more]

Wind In Your Sails

Do what you have to do to fill your sails. Have you ever gotten all excited about a project or art you've created then put it out there and you have little to no response.  Your show isn't well attended or your project receives only brief glances - … [Read more]

Are You Waiting For Permission To Be an Artist?

Have you ever felt that you need permission to call your self an artist?  Whether your resistance is coming from inside or outside of you, it's time today to end it.Permission is no longer needed.From this moment forward, you have permission to call … [Read more]