• Downloadable Workbook

    Walks you through everything you need to think about for your art business - from blue sky to sand pile

  • Artist to Artist Mp3 series

    Listen and go: step-by-step ways to take action on your workbook

  • Action Worksheets & Templates

    Ready-to-use templates, from guessing to greatness worksheets

  • Planning Calendar: Next 90 Days

    Progress tracker and calendar to stay on track

  • UPGRADE Option: 1:1 Q&A Session and Access to the Private Group

  • UPGRADE Option: Access to the Private Group

From Stalled Out to Success

Imagine where your business could be if you focused your business strategy and had a tested plan to get you to step from stalled out to success with ease at month's end...


The easy thing is to do nothing.  Stay where you're at in your business and continue to struggle with the same questions you have right now.  


You could give yourself a chance, get the steps and resources you're missing and give your art business the leap you're longing for. 



I You've Got Me in Your Corner

My art became official when I sold my first illustration to a winery in Napa Valley more than 20 years ago.  From then on, I threaded art through everything I did, painting portraits and creating illustrations for event posters, business cards and so much more.

I started helping artists with their businesses - helping them understand how to grow their inventory, set-up their office systems, hold open studio events, submit copyrights, pitch wholesale accounts, get international attention, open their own galleries and much more.

During all this, I founded an event production and promotions company and ran large public events (stuff like live network feeds, 7-figure sponsorships, with celebs and big names), aviation, sports, racing and entertainment.  
By the time I was arts lead on a strategy team for the Cultural Olympics in 2002, I was ready for a break and downsized to focus again on helping artists get exposure and turn pro.

So for awhile, I did smaller scale events like gallery openings, book & CD launches and VIP parties before pausing to focus again on my own art.   Now, I have friends asking for help again and I'd love to help you too.



Just Enough


This virtual Art Biz Camp is  just enough to keep you on track and dip into the highest values for your business without the overwhelm of an intensive course.


This is for you if...     

You’re not sure where to start in your business, have too much to do and feel overwhelmed and a little lost or need to restart - use this session as your reason to take a fresh look with insider business knowledge to help you make the right moves. 


  • Get clear on where you want your business to go.
  • Evaluate your current strategy plan (or no-plan) and bridge the gaps.
  • Map out your upgraded step-by-step plan so you know exactly what to do and when.
  • Create a fill-in-the-blank workflow to get your projects done AND enjoy your lifestyle.
  • Learn how to engage your Creative Backbeat support your business. 


Ready to give your art business a headstart?

Early Enrollment 


Art Biz Camp
Art Biz Camp UPGRADE

When you choose to upgrade your Art Biz Camp experience you'll get a 1:1 session with me to ask all your questions and access to the Private Group.