• Camp TV

    Counselor Classes & step-by-step instructions

  • In Your Bunk Listening: Downloadable Mp3

    Listen and GO! Step-by-step ways to take action and get motivated!

  • Camp Workbook

    Walks you through every step to fire up your art business

  • After Camp Planning: Your Next 90 Days Trail Map & Calendar

    Progress tracker and calendar to stay on track

  • UPGRADE Option: 1:1 Counselor Strategy Session, personalized 90-Day Trail Map & Calendar

  • UPGRADE Option: Access to the Private Campfire Group & accountability


The EASY thing is to do nothing...  and MISS camp this year...


Close down your dream and stay where you're at in your art continuing to struggle with the same questions you have right now.  


You could give yourself a chance, get the steps, support and resources you're missing to give your art business that leap UP you're longing for. 




You've Got Me in Your Corner!

I'm a working artist!  Not a consultant telling you what I think.  I make art, connect with people who love it and I sell it.

When I made the decision to make art for a living, I went from one painting to a museum show in one year.

I've participated in lots of top juried shows, hosted open studios, won awards, create commissions and own my own gallery.

My art became official when I sold my first illustration to a winery in Napa Valley more than 20 years ago.  From then on, I threaded art through everything I did, painting portraits and creating illustrations for event posters, business cards, been arts lead on strategy teams, even managed a top Native American art gallery and so much more.

I've helped artists get publishing deals, open galleries, museum shows, get featured in major media and have grown start-ups and companies outside of the arts. 

Bottom line,  I can chat all day about my expertise, what I've accomplished and who I've helped -- but today, this is about YOU.  My high is helping YOU succeed.  



Just Enough


This virtual Art Biz Camp is  just enough to get you on track in your business without the overwhelm of an intensive course. 


Clear path, step-by-step, doable actions that move you forward.


Art Biz Camp is carefully curated lessons and course materials for the price of an afternoon workshop.  Designed to help you reach the next step.


TIP: Choose the upgrade option if you want personal attention on your business, accountability and together, outline your fast-track trail map for your next 90 days!



This IS for you, if you ...     

  • Want clarity on your next steps: You’re not sure where to start what's the priority in your business.

  • Feel overwhelmed: You have too much to do and feel overwhelmed and a little lost or you need to restart.

  • Want to feel Confident: Crave a step-by-step process that shows you what to do next.

  • Ready to take action and accept responsibility for your success.


This is NOT for you if...

  • You don't want to sell your art, you just want to make it and always give it away.

  • You don't take action or responsibility for your success.

  • You know what you need to do already and are taking action daily.

  • You're making a good living with art and have the freedom to create.



Camp Goods:

Camp TV Trainings by Roxanne & Guest Counselors:
Social Media

In-Your-Bunk Mp3's

Camp Workbook
including templates, swipe files

After Camp Trail Map

Campfire Group & Accountability


Just like camp, a masterclass or workshop, there are no refunds. 

You come ready to learn, immerse yourself in the experience of learning something new, make new connections and progress that will move you forward in your art.  

You have full 6-month access to all the trainings, lessons and goods, and for the upgrade option, the group and accountability. 



  • Get clear on where you want your business to go.

  • Confidently know what's next and how to get there.

  • Kick overwhelm into the dust.



Ready for a fresh start ...
& a bit of fun?


Camp Begins August 24

Art Biz Camp
Art Biz Camp UPGRADE

When you choose to upgrade your Art Biz Camp experience you'll get a 1:1 session with me to ask all your questions, a personalized 90-day plan, access to the Private Campfire Group and extra bonuses!