If you could sell more art within the next 14-30 days, would it make a difference in your life?

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What if it IS possible?


The You Can Do It: Artist Action Plan leads you through simple action steps that you can take today to launch or relaunch your career and see results within 30 days.  

Easy to follow for a new artist and includes advanced steps if you’ve been at it a while.  

Don’t miss the opportunity to make your dream of supporting yourself and your family with your art business, it can and DOES happen and it will happen to you too if you know the steps and take action on them.


The Essential Guide to Go Pro - Artist Action Plan 

Grab the You Can Do It: Artist Action Plan If ...

  • You're an artist who struggles with selling your work, you've tried everything and you're almost ready to give up.

  • You're not sure what steps to take to get your art career moving and start the sales flowing.

  • You're almost ready to throw in the towel and give up on your art altogether.


If you ignore this situation, it only makes it worse and puts you at risk for missed opportunities and regret later in life.


I DO know how you feel. There have been many times when I left art on the sidelines, sometimes by choice and other times by circumstances.

First, I didn't think art could be a real job (that came from listening to some bad advice), then I didn't think I was good enough, then I struggled with which steps to take and how and when to take them.  


Here's the thing…

I kept persisting and I finally found a way to get moving with my art and now I can show you how.  


I'll make it easy to visualize.  Let's try bread, you may LOVE bread (or not) but you at least have a basic understanding of what it takes to make bread, right?  

Time scheduled to make it, gather the ingredients, a pan to bake it in, time in the oven. 

So what does that mean for your art? I can show you the steps to make the bread, not give you the bread (your art dreams) because it's your bread to make. 

I can show you how to make it and eat it, warm and fresh:  It takes an oven of persistence, a firm slice of dedication, a dollop of discipline and a big bite of courage.

 How to Bake Your Art Career

- so what does that mean without the bread metaphor? …

You have to do the work. 


Imagine what it will feel like to be creating your art, successful and selling your work on a regular basis… and buying your favorite things (travel tickets, groceries...)!


Now, make a commitment to yourself that you ARE going to follow through and do this!


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and you'll be downloading your Artist Action Plan in the next few minutes.


 Still have questions if it's right for you?  

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